"I kind of Ruined My Life By Going to College"

Hey How have you been? Hopefully you've had a Great New Year Thus Far and managed to spend time with family and loved ones. :)

I'd like to think (also i've seen it happen Many Many times before my eyes) that there are real alternatives that can be accessed with hard work and Self development.

Maybe you went to college like i did and can relate to what this woman quoted on the cover with over $ 200,000 in college debt. Many of the friends i went to college found themselves faced with a similiar disposition This made me consider looking for other ways other than the traditionally ingrained system that today's educational system has imposed on society to learn valuable skills rather than blindly following the norm. Not just because of the absurd cost and diminishing returns of most degrees, but also because the potential for success rate is much higher on average for those who pave their own way. Now Don't get me wrong i'm not against the traditional school system but when the odds are usually stacked against you, Its time to take action !

This is one of the Reasons why i started Grablessons.

I needed something that would serve as a vechile for not only me but countless others in shaping Our Futures.

I DONT care what your Background is or what Age Group you Belong to

Mentorship is an old school approach to learning, its also one that works !

Empowerment Begins Now ! Lock in your Seat Belt. Its going to be an Amazing ride !

Visit: www.grablessons.com To Learn more

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