Don't invest in anything that rusts, rots, or depreciates.

These are wise words to live by, courtesy of Allan Nation.

So, how should you spend your money? How do you make your money work for you?

Most people spend their money in four ways, and not all of them are great for long-term wealth.

The first: Daily Living Expenses

It’s a necessity to spend money in your daily life, I get it. But your objective isn’t to get good at that.

Sadly, most Americans spend most of their money on living expenses. I read a statistic that said out of $100 the average American spends $95 on living expenses. If you live like that, you're in massive trouble.

Why? There’s no long-term wealth created. And it’s constant work.

The second and third: Leasing and Renting.

People know that I like cars. They often ask me if cars are a good investment. Generally, no.

If you buy a Toyota Civic today, it loses 10-30% of its value the minute you drive it off the lot. If you sell it in five years, you're going to make even less money. It's something that depreciates in value.

Renting and leasing can also be a good way to free up capital to invest in other things that will give you the best ROI for you. Michael Jackson rented a house at one point. Why? Because he was investing in his career and his music. That had a much higher chance of a good return to him at that time.

The fourth: Invest Your Money. The best investments are assets you invest in today that will continue to rise in value.

Real estate is generally thought of as a good investment. If you can find the right deal, you can buy low and sell high. That's an asset that appreciates.

And while you're waiting for the value of the house to increase, you can make the asset work for you. Rent the house to someone who is investing their money into other things, like Michael Jackson did.

Then you're getting income and appreciation.

But how do you do that? Especially if you don't have much money or experience in real estate?

You have to find the best mentors who have made money doing what you want to do, and get them to teach you.

I've made that easy for you with the curated selection of programs and books offered on Grablessons that provide tremendous value for your hard earned money. Make no mistake, these are not the typical programs that you can learn at some college or educational institution that will ask you for thousands of dollars up front to receive what is already outdated information or knowledge.

The most effective way to build long term wealth is through investing your money correctly. In yourself and in the right things. Our programs will teach you a skill you can do again and again, so you double down on what works.

I wish you tremendous success this year and in the years to come.

Believe me when I say that success is something you can attain if you apply yourself and learn the values

Keep Pushing your limits, Stay Safe and healthy,


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